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Toxic Chemicals Found in 80% of Baby Products


Scary new findings: your car seats, changing pads and portable cribs may seem safe, but a new study says that 80% of them use toxic or untested chemical flame retardants. Although the chemical chlorinated tris, which may be linked to cancer, developmental problems, reproductive problems and other health issues, was removed from children's PJs in the '70's, it can still be found in a long list of other children’s products today. The EPA found also another flame retardant, TCEP, which some call a cancer-causing agent, in nursing pillows.

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The chemicals are used because they are an inexpensive way for companies to comply with strict fire safety standards. And while companies must comply with these standards, they are not required to label products containing flame retardants. It’s unclear how much of the chemical leeches out, since many of the products have plastic covers around them. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found flame retardants in 90% of Americans.

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Want to avoid exposing your kids to chemical flame retardants? Four brands—BabyLuxe Organic, Baby Bjorn, Orbit Baby and Boppy—say their products meet safety standards without chemical flame retardants.

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