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What to Eat To Have a Baby Girl


Have your heart set on a daughter? A small Dutch study indicates that you can eat certain foods to increase your chances. Out of 32 women who stuck to a diet high in calcium and magnesium—foods like goat cheese salad, vegetable stew and rice pudding—and tried to conceive during a certain time in the ovulation cycle, 26 had girls. (They were also told to refrain from eating foods high in potassium, like potatoes and bananas.) 

32 people isn't exactly a large sample size, so we think the jury’s still out on this one. But if you're gunning for a girl, you've got nothing to lose. If scientists are going to start testing out more wacky baby-predictors, I'd like to request they experiment with the "pour Drano on your pee" one—I am dying of curiosity! 

Would you chow down on greens if you thought it would up your chances for a baby girl? And once you were already pregnant, did any of the Old Wives' Tales for gender prediction work for you?

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