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Why It's Tough to Be a (Gay) Parent

Photo Courtesy of CNN

Kids need love from their parents; that love can come from a dad and a mom, or a single parent, or two moms, or two dads. (A recent study found that kids raised by two female parents grow up to be better adjusted and higher achieving than their peers.) Raising a kid is hard work no matter who you are, but raising a child as a same-sex couple can present different kinds of challenges.  Tune in to CNN's special report on June 24 at 8 p.m. EST, Gary and Tony Have a Baby to learn about the struggles and complications one gay couple faces when building a family.

Will you watch the show? What impact do you think a parent's sexual orientation has on his or her child? 

Read More About the Show:

Gary Spino and Tony Brown have been on the forefront of gay activism all of their lives, but now they want the most traditional thing anyone can want -- marriage and a baby. Follow their journey as they struggle against the legal and personal obstacles -- can these two men achieve a life as mainstream as their parents?