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Win a Baby With a Lottery Ticket!

Angela Copola

Feeling lucky today? Starting July 30, Britons who win the lotto might come away with more than just a check. Through the in vitro fertilization charity To Hatch, for a mere £20 lottery ticket ($32), people can win fertility treatments, donor eggs, or a surrogate birth, worth up to £25,000 ($40,000). 

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For people who have struggled to conceive or have dealt with other roadblocks, this might seem like the ultimate jackpot, especially considering just about anyone can buy a ticket (old people, gay people, single people). And To Hatch founder Camille Strachan points out that IVF and other fertility treatments are out of reach financially for many Britons, especially since many National Health Service (NHS) trusts have cut funding for IVF due to budget restrictions, leaving many without other options. But I don't know, something about the idea of picking up a lotto ticket for a baby while you're buying your cigarettes or filling up your gas tank doesn't rub me the right way. It's hard for me to believe that Britain's Gambling Commission gave this idea the green light. 

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Comment on Reproductive Ethics, a public interest group focused on ethical dilemmas surrounding human reproduction, said this lottery system "demeans the whole nature of human reproduction." What do you think: is this crazy or not that big of a deal? Do you think it would ever happen in the US?

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