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Woman in Labor Kicked Out of Cab, Delivers Alone on Sidewalk

Primer Impacto

We’ve all heard stories about women giving birth in cabs during incredibly short labors, but fortunately they generally feature a bewildered but heroic driver who does what he can to help. Unfortunately, one laboring mom wasn’t so lucky recently, as her cab driver actually booted her from his car before she gave birth, reports Primer Impacto (via Guanabee).

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After a very pregnant Ana Belis Hernandez was picked up by a driver in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, he had second thoughts and kicked her of his cab, claiming that he wanted to avoid "getting blood all over the place." Then, not only did he make her get out of his cab, he abandoned Ana to deliver her own baby—on the sidewalk. 

"I took my sweater off and wrapped [the baby] in it. It wasn't enough so I had to use my shirt to cover her head," she told news reporters. "She started coughing and I started rubbing her back because I thought she was going to drown. I was afraid something bad was going to happen to her. Cars kept driving by but nobody pulled over to help." 

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Guess those people are used to seeing a woman delivering a baby on the sidewalk...?

Finally somebody called the paramedics, who checked out Ana and her newborn daughter Milagro, cut the umbilical cord and took them to the hospital. Milagro was treated for an unnamed infection but was released along with her mother shortly after. 

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The driver is still on the loose (hope no other preggo ladies hitch a ride with him!), and local authorities are offering a $500 reward to anyone who offers information leading to his arrest. 

What do you think should happen to the cabbie? Did you ever have a close call when trying to get to the hospital to give birth?