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Would You Buy Your Daughter Skechers Shape-Up Shoes?

Have you been intrigued—or even bought—those sneakers that promise to give you a firm bum, even though some studies say they don't work? Now Sketchers is making a questionable idea downright sleazy with Skechers Shape-Ups for Girls. This rockin' commercial promises girls they can stay fit (and dodge junk food) with their own mini, glittery butt-firming sneakers.

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Shame on your, Sketchers. Insult adults all you want by trying to sell us ugly, hazardous sneakers in the guise of promising to firm up the jiggle. But do not do this to our children. Girls will have plenty of chances to worry about their butt and thighs when they're older—free them of this worry for now, please.

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Do you own a pair of shape-up sneakers? Would you ever buy a pair for your daughter?

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