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Would You Give Money to Teen Mom's Youngsters?


I have a hard time peeling myself away from Teen Mom, and find myself rooting for the young moms. One moment I’m amazed at how mature and strong they can be, and the next second I’m sad at how misguided they sometimes are. It's particularly heart-wrenching to watch Catelynn and Tyler, two good kids who gave their daughter up for adoption to give her a better life. Both have completely unsupportive and borderline abusive parents (added twist: her mom is married to his dad) who make their already-trying challenges much more difficult. They fight an uphill battle to improve their lives by getting an education. 

Since they're not getting a lot of support from their own families, the feminist blog Jezebel is accepting donations via PayPal to create an account for the young couple, in hopes they'll use the money to fund their college educations (although there's no guarantee they will.)

I'm interested to see how much money Jezebel raises, and hope that Catelynn and Tyler are able to put the money to good use. I don't think it's too optimistic, after watching them make smart choices for their daughter and themselves in the face of a lot of adversity, that they will. Would you donate to their college fund?