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Would You Take Your Kids to Hooters?

Ildar Sagdejev/wikicommons

Your baby may love your hooters, but does he love Hooters restaurant too? The San Francisco chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women) complained to police that Hooters is adult entertainment that caters to children, which, they say, doesn't fly, since in San Francisco adult venues can't serve to minors. 

A list of FAQ on the Hooters website states

Do I have to be a certain age to enter a Hooters restaurant?
No, Hooters restaurants are family-friendly and kids are often the stars of the show. 

We thought the waitresses’ short shorts and well, hooters, were the stars of the show, but the chain does cater to kids, offering children's menus, highchairs, booster seats, and pint-sized merchandise with slogans like "Future Hooters Girl" and "Your Crib Or Mine?" 

The NOW lawyers point out that when Hooters is charged with an equal employment lawsuit, it calls itself an adult establishment that provides "vicarious sexual entertainment" so they can continue to hire waitresses that fit the mold of their ideal Hooters girl. So, what was with all that "kids are stars of the show" stuff? 

Hooters, make up your mind! Are you an adult or a family establishment? Pick one and go with it. 

Would you take your kids to Hooters? (And don't say you go just for the chicken wings.)