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WTFriday: Breast Milk Ice Cream

UPDATE: Amid concerns that breast milk ice cream is unsafe (viruses like hepatitis can be passed through breast milk), Baby Gaga ice cream has been taken off the Icreamists' menu

When PETA suggested Ben & Jerry's substitute human breast milk for that of cows in its ice cream to make a statement about cow cruelty, we rolled our eyes. There's already not enough breast milk for babies who need it. And we were a little icked out. But hey! That was a joke, right? At least we knew it would never happen. Right? Right? 

Wrong! Plus: The Weirdest Baby Products Of All Time

The Icecreamists, a London-based ice cream shop, is selling breast milk ice cream, and calling their delicious, nutritious new flavor “Baby Gaga.” It's made from milk donated by several women who answered an ad in an online moms’ group (with a touch of Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest) and scooped by a Lady Gaga impersonator wearing a white spandex bodysuit. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Sadly, you’ll have to wait your turn to try this delicacy, as the first batch has already sold out. Plus: Signs Your Baby Loves You

Matt O'Connor, the man behind the idea, stands behind the stuff, claiming that breastfeeding is the most natural, beautiful thing in the world. Yeah, we know. But if it tastes like normal ice cream, as they say, why must we go there? Especially for 14 pounds ($23) a scoop? Plus: Calculate How Tall Will Your Baby Be

Would you eat breast milk ice cream?