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Creative Dad Takes the Coolest Kid Pics We've Ever Seen

Jason Lee is a wedding photographer by day, but in his spare time, he's a superhero. Well, he takes super creative pictures of his daughters for his blog Kristin and Kayla, anyway. And thank goodness he does we can't stop clicking through them. Sure, they're freaking adorable little girls, but Jason has a way of capturing their wacky, fun, curious adventures in a way we've never seen. See some of our favorite shots below, and check out his Flickr photo stream. As a big fan of his work, and someone who can hardly manage to figure out her iPhone camera, I talked to Jason about what gives him ideas and how he gets such great shots.

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Why are you a photographer?

Jason Lee: I enjoy it, simple as that. For my personal work, it's more about documenting the kids as they grow up. Hopefully they will be able to look back at the photos 10-20 years from now and get a kick out of them. For my wedding work, I just really enjoy creating images for the people I work with. 

Did having daughters make you a better photographer?

JL: Most definitely! They give me constant inspiration and endless ideas for photos. Having willing (and unpaid) subjects helps a lot too.

How do you come up with such creative ideas for photos?

JL: Mainly from the kids. Watching them play and interact with each other provides me with tons of ideas and concepts. Not to mention the things the say. 

What kind of camera and equipment do you use?

JL: I currently use a Nikon D700 along with various lenses and lighting equipment. I generally take three different photos and blend them together in Photoshop. Do not try this at home! (Check out his Facebook page for a full breakdown.) 

Do you hope your daughters pick up the camera, too? What are they into? What do they want to be?

JL: I hope my daughters do what ever they love and have an interest in. I don't necessarily push them into learning about photography, but they both are very enthusiastic about giving me ideas for photos. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not! Right now, they are both into reading, stuffed animals (Build-a-Bear), Apple products, and just being wild and crazy. I'll have to ask again, but recently my older daughter expressed interest in being a fashion designer, and the younger one has always wanted to be an architect. No idea why. 

You don't have to have pricy equipment to take beautiful pictures of your kids. Read about how Jason adds props, thinks outsides the box, gets involved, and more, all for the sake of super-creative shots.