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One-Tenth of Parents Express Baby Name Regret


Remember when you heard celebs’ baby name choices like Suri, Apple, or Sparrow—or the names Isabella or Jacob called out on the playground for the umpteenth time—and thought, "What were those parents thinking?!" Well, some of the parents who chose those names may be having a “What we were thinking?!” moment themselves, according to a new study done in the UK by, which found that almost one-tenth of parents regret the name they gave their child.

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There are a few explanations. Over half of those who admitted baby name remorse said they had been influenced by fashion trends that have passed, and one-third said the name was once original, but isn't anymore. Some parents are pressured from family to name Junior after Grandpa. And then there are parents who just don't realize how quickly baby names trend up and down.

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All the more reason to just pick a name you absolutely love. Not because it's trendy, not because you think it's original… We have thousands of names for you to browse, plus lots of fun lists. And just to be safe, test-drive your baby name with our awesome build-a-name tool.

Have you ever wished you’d chosen a different name for your baby?