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Unconscious Mother Waits 6 Weeks to Meet Baby

The Today Show

As if nine months isn’t a long enough wait for an expecting mother, one Louisiana mom had to wait six weeks after giving birth to meet her newborn daughter.

In late May, Amber Scott experienced a blood clot in her brain that was caused by a ruptured blood vessel. That same day, her husband Tommy’s phone calls to Amber had gone unanswered and when he arrived home at the end of his workday, he found out why. Amber was lying unconscious in a bedroom in their home and was immediately taken to the hospital.

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An emergency c-section was performed to deliver the couple’s daughter, who was born healthy, and then the attention was turned to saving the unconscious mother. Amber underwent brain surgery, which succeeded in stopping the bleeding in her brain, though the swelling remained. Still unconscious, Amber began her journey to recovery.

After gaining and then losing consciousness periodically throughout the weeks, Amber finally awoke at the end of June. Even though she had gained consciousness, she was still not well enough to hold her daughter. But this past weekend Amber met her six-week-old daughter for the first time.

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Amber is currently undergoing physical therapy to help regain her speech and motor skills. As for her prognosis, her husband says, “It’s hard to say. We take it day by day.”  Their daughter has been released from the hospital and will continue to visit her recovering mother.

Watch Tommy’s interview on the TODAY Show (and have the tissues ready!):

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