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Two Heroic Boys Help Woman Save Infant with CPR


What would you do if your baby suddenly stopped breathing? Last Monday, Susanna Rohm faced every mother’s worst nightmare when she realized that something was off with her two-month-old son Isaiah. He looked pale, and his arm and leg were limp. When she put her finger under his nose, she discovered that he wasn’t breathing.

"I had him in my arms and [was] still screaming over and over,” the Georgia mom told a local news affiliate. “Then I ran outside.”

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Across the street, two little boys she had never met before were tossing around a football.   

"I was thinking we better go out there to help and actually call 911 instead of getting scared," 10-year-old Ethan Wilson told Fox 5 News.

His friend Rocky Hurt, 9, raced over and asked what was wrong. When Rohm told him that Isaiah had stopped breathing, Rocky explained how to give CPR.  Rohm followed Rocky’s instructions, doing five compressions and breathing into little Isaiah’s mouth.  The infant wailed and an ambulance arrived minutes later.

“And I was happy that the baby was ok,” said Rocky. Isaiah spent two nights in the hospital, where he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Doctors continue to keep a close eye on him.

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Rohm said that she was incredibly grateful for Rocky and Ethan’s help. "If the little boy hadn't shown me how to do the compressions right here ... My baby would not be alive right now,” said Rohm.  

Ethan said that he knew that things weren’t going to take a tragic turn: “It seemed sad but I knew that there was going to be a happy part at the end, that he was going to be all right.”