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Survey: Dads Stress Out Moms More Than Kids


Do you feel that your hubby is an equal, or does he wear you out more than the children? According to a new survey, many moms find that their husbands are more like big kids than mature, responsible partners.

“Often times it seems like I am the only adult in my house,” reports one anonymous mama. “My husband and daughter compete with me for my attention.”

Plus: Mad at Dad

“I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home,” says another. “He feels like another job.”

TODAY surveyed over 7,000 women across the country, and found that the typical mom says her level of stress is an 8.5 on a 10-point scale.  46 percent of women blame their husbands as the biggest reason why.

“Moms think, my primary job is to be a mom, so she looks to her husband to be a support,” Hal Runkel, a therapist and author of ScreamFree Parenting and ScreamFree Marriage, told TODAY. “But when dads get relegated to a support role, they’re less likely to be the equal partners that moms say they want.”

As for fathers, they feel like they’re picking up more than their fair share.  In a 2012 survey of 1,500 dads, TODAY found that most just want a little bit of appreciation.

Plus: Stress Makeovers

“I'd rate myself as a good, but imperfect parent,” says one husband. “ My spouse would probably see me as an OK parent, and stress the imperfection more.”

According to Charles Sophy, a child and adult psychiatrist and director of the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services, dads need that pat on the back for their efforts.

“If you want him to change four more diapers, you better applaud at some level," he tells TODAY.

Does your hubby do his fair share, or are you always picking up the slack? Leave a comment and let us know.