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Men Learn What It's Like to Give Birth

Guinea Pigs/YouTube

How do you think your guy would deal with the pain of childbirth? Dutch talk show hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena decided to find out on their show “Guinea Pigs,” where they simulated labor pains with electro-stimulations, reports the Huffington Post

“Jesus Christ!” Zena shouted as the fake contractions hit, around the 3:35 mark. Storm cracked up with laughter as he watched his co-host, but his laughter soon turned into screams.

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The simulation lasted for two hours, a far shorter time than what most women experience when giving birth, according to the Mayo Clinic.  Early labor can last for hours or even days, particularly for first-time moms.  Active labor typically lasts up to eight hours but can go longer, especially if a woman has never given birth before.

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Dads, would you do an experiment like this to experience what labor pain is like? Or is ignorance bliss? Leave a comment.