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Newborn Dies After Being Delivered From Deceased Mother


Tragedy was compounded by more tragedy this weekend. A newborn delivered by C-section from his dead mother’s womb has died, reports WABC. He weighed about three pounds and lived for only a day after his parents were killed in an auto wreck.

Parents-to-be Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, were on their way to the hospital when a BMW smashed into their livery cab. Raizy, who was 24 weeks along, had not been feeling well, so decided to go to the hospital, Sara Glauber, Nachman Glauber's cousin, told WABC. After the accident, the driver and passenger of the BMW fled the scene. Detectives believe that they know the name of the driver and are showing his picture to potential witnesses. The driver of the livery can survived.

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On Sunday, the Glaubers’ tightly-knit Hasidic community in Brooklyn, New York mourned the couple at their funeral service. "We in the community are demanding that the prosecutor charge the driver of BMW that caused the death of this couple and infant ... with triple homicide," Issac Abraham, a community leader and neighbor of the couple, said in a statement. "This coward left the scene of the accident not even bothering to check on the people of the other car."

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Sara Glauber said that Nachman’s mom had just delivered a baby herself two weeks earlier. "I've never seen a mother-son relationship like this," Glauber told WABC. "He called her every day to make sure everything was OK. He was the sweetest, most charming human being, always with a smile on his face."

Of Nachman and his wife Raizy, she said, "If one had to go, the other had to go too because they really were one soul."