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Let’s Shag

I love the retro-cool look in a nursery. I’m also all about being green and making healthy choices for my home. Can I create a room for babe #2 that’s both?

We’ve got a lot of cool ideas in our Eco-Friendly Nursery story -- I’ll be stealing some of those. And here’s another one I just discovered: FLOR’s new Shaggy Sheep carpet tiles ($25.99 a tile). Fluffier than most of FLOR’s other lines, this shag makes for a cozy, friendly-on-the-knees nursery -- important, since I know from previous experience I’ll be spending A LOT of time on the floor. And turns out it’s also VOC-free. (Volatile Organic Compounds, a toxin that’s been linked to respiratory problems, are emitted by household items like paint and carpets.) Like other FLOR lines, you can mix and match them, and just swap in a new tile if it gets stained or damaged. With a boy on the way, I can’t imagine that will happen.