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Long Hair on Boys Outlawed

The news of 4-year-old Taylor Pugh getting suspended from his pre-kindergarten class is shocking enough on its own -- but get ready for why: His suburban Dallas school district has decided that his hair is too long. Taylor's parents say he likes his hair like that, and that it's not affecting his education. School officials call his haircut a violation of the dress code and a distraction.

Until Taylor gets a new 'do -- or his parents win their appeal to the principal's decree -- he's being restricted to the library with a teacher's aide for solo study.

Gotta say, this seems ludicrous and out of touch to me. Long hair on boys is trendy these days -- have they not seen Ryder Robinson? Furthermore, Pugh's long locks could serve as a valuable lesson in diversity at an age when kids are starting to note differences. What’s next – outlawing short hair on girls? As long as he's keeping it clean, seems okay to me.

What do you think? Is Taylor's hair a distraction or should he be able to wear it how he likes?