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Look Good and Feel Good

You know that saying “If you look good, you feel good”? Well I think it is absolutely relevant to getting motivated and getting in shape. Splurging on a few key items to make your workout experience a little more comfortable (and fashionable) will give you more confidence and spruce up your usual workout get up.

The Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort has adjustable straps that allow you to loosen, tighten, and even unhook the straps of your sports bra -- very convenient for nursing moms. 

Nike’s LIVESTRONG Half-Zip top is perfect for layering during the chilling months. Its Therma-FIT technology holds on to heat and energy and keeps you warm even when the temperatures drop.

Don’t neglect your feet. When your feet get tired you get tired. Keep those toes dry and blister free with the Mizuno Breather Thermo Quarter Sock. It wicks away sweat from your feet and keeps them warm. 

If you already have the latest workout gear, how about a training group? At See Mommy moms can network and meet to run, walk, get fit, exchange stories and tips about parenting, and motivate each other. There are groups all over the nation, but if one hasn’t developed yet in your neck of the woods, sign up and start one with friends!