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Losing Your Cool With Your Kids

For me, one of the biggest shockers about becoming a parent was how easily a person under three feet tall can get me all red-faced and yelly in two minutes flat. Losing my cool is the #1 item on my Things to Feel Guilty About list, but I do apologize afterward and really try to find ways to be zen about the marker on the couch.

I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who loses her temper with her kid, as evidenced by this new JuiceBoxJungle video. Funny stat: 95% of the parents polls say they’ve lost it with their kids, yet 40% think that others who lose their temper are bad parents.

Let’s not beat ourselves – or each other – up. Instead, watch this video for tricks to keep a lid on your anger. And then ‘fess up in the comments: do you blow your stack too?