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Love Your Body with Bollywood Booty


I recently tried the Bollywood Booty dance video to see whether it’s possible to, as the DVD claims, “release inhibitions, embrace your body, and fall in love with your booty!” in 4 booty-burning dance workouts with “fitness star and yogini” Hemalayaa.


I’m not sure how many calories I burned, but I did feel like my sensuality was heightened. Hemalayaa teaches us how to “bring out the sassiness in our bodies” and “kick our boo-TAY” in moves like the “Butt Monster.” (Hemalayaa never says booty. It’s “boo-TAY”.)


It was fun to learn the dance moves, and unlike other dance workouts (Paula Abdul, I'm talking to you), they were easy to master. I’m not sure how authentic they were, but Hemalayaa had me totally convinced that I was nailing moves like “Rada Arms” and “The Elk”, named “because it’s the mating call of the elk to wiggle the boo-TAY.” (I think if I did the Bollywood Booty video every day, all that sassiness might just earn me the reputation of the girl who walks around like a backup dancer in an R&B video.)


The video was meditative, with scenery far more exotic than your living room, beautiful Bhangra music, and encouraging words from Hemalayaa, who encourages us to be “painting the world with your love, infusing yourself with love,” and “sending that love out to all the people in your life, your support, and angels,” and suggests we “make crazy happy faces” while we dance. This would be a fun way to exercise if you don't have a huge chunk of time -- the workout is divided into four fifteen minute portions.


It felt good, and it was fun, but what about results? I think I heard the word “core” thrown in there twice, and there wasn’t much emphasis on getting your heart rate up or toning muscles. (Although I do think it could firm up a mommy-tummy.) But if your goal is to get moving, have fun, or even learn some basic, Bhangra dance moves, Bollywood Booty delivers. (Get the kids to join in, too!)