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Man Rescues Baby Blown On Subway Tracks

As a parent, anything can happen when you turn your back for a single second.  Hundreds—even thousands—of worst-case scenarios come to mind when imagining that off-chance moment you let your guard down. Unfortunately, one Brooklyn mother’s worst nightmare became a reality this week.  We’re just glad a hero was there to save the day.

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The outdoor subway tracks were especially windy this past Tuesday at the Van Siclen Avenue stop.  A mother standing with a baby in a stroller walked toward the bench where her other three children were waiting for the train and in an instant a strong gust of wind blew the stroller with the baby inside onto the tracks.  Onlooker Khalima Ansari recounted to NBC New York, “ All I see is her turn around real quick and run towards the tracks."

Not only was the baby suspended on an elevated two-story track, but a train was quickly approaching. 

Thankfully, fellow subway rider Delroy Simmonds acted fast.  He didn’t think twice before jumping onto the tracks to rescue the baby. The train did stop before pulling into the station, but Simmonds and the baby had already made it safely back to the platform.

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The baby was taken to a local hospital after incurring a deep gash on his forehead, but is expected to be okay. Simmonds, who had been on his way to an interview that afternoon, was still in shock hours later, “When I got home to my girl, I started crying."

Have you ever had to act fast in moment of panic?  Has a stranger ever come to your aid in a crisis? 

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