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Gay Rights Petition Calls for Bert & Ernie to Get Married

Sesame Street

So who knew Bert and Ernie were gay? Not me, and probably not you or your kids, either. But according to Lair Scott of Chicago, who started an online petition to pressure Sesame Street Workshop to “let Bert and Ernie get married…to teach tolerance of those that are different” these longtime pals have been hiding in the closet for the past 40 years! As of this writing, the petition, which is posted on, has collected more than 5,000 signatures, so obviously there are people who agree with him.

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But how did Scott come to the conclusion that Bert and Ernie should get married? Sure Bert and Ernie live together, where they sleep in the same bedroom (in separate beds mind you), but does that mean that they’re gay? I think that what we see here is a situation of two best friends, living in New York City where rents are notoriously sky-high, trying to save money by rooming together.

And let’s not forget that Ernie is afraid of the dark, and Bert is a little too OCD to sleep in the living room. Then it totally makes sense why they sleep side-by-side.

And maybe they simply enjoy spending time together. As I kid, I remember thinking how lucky Bert and Ernie were to be roommates. I mean, who didn’t want to live with their best friend when you were kids? Imagine how much more fun you could have had playing together beyond playdates and after-school activities.

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In response to Scott’s petition, Sesame Street Workshop released a statement denying Bert and Ernie’s homosexuality, saying that these “best friends…were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves." Meaning, there’s no Sesame Street wedding special in the works.

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But if we really want to talk about someone from the Muppets getting married, isn’t it about time Kermit got off the lily pad and made an honest woman out of Miss Piggy? Now there’s a petition I’d gladly sign!

What’s your take on the petition?