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Lawmaker Wants to Change the Date of Halloween

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This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, a date that is sure to put a wrinkle in the plans of many families, given the rush of dinnertime/trick-or-treating/candy consumption as night falls… and everyone has to get up the next day for school and work. But, one Connecticut lawmaker wants to throw tradition to the wind and has proposed that Halloween be changed from October 31st to the last Saturday in October, reports the Hartford Courant.

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State Rep. Tim Larson explains that he wants to change the traditional Oct. 31 date of Halloween to the last Saturday in the month in order to make the holiday easier on working parents, safer for trick-or-treaters, and better for the economy. Larson explained that celebrating Halloween on a Saturday would allow for earlier trick-or-treating with more daylight available and might allow for more Halloween celebrations—meaning more Halloween spending.

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Sure, everyone looks forward to Halloween a bit more when it falls on the weekend, but does that mean it needs to be on a Saturday every single year? Most parents and schools have found ways to work around the date dilemma, choosing to celebrate at weekend costume parties or midday school assemblies. And for kids, Halloween is still one of their favorite days of the year, whether it falls on a Tuesday or Sunday (candy tastes sweet anytime!).

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So, tell us: when are you celebrating Halloween this year?