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McCartney Thrills on Late Show

Did you catch Paul McCartney’s performance on the Late Show with David Letternman last night? I did.

During McCartney’s first visit back to the Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles launched their U.S. invasion 45 years ago, he performed several hit songs, reminisced about the Fab Four, and captivated the audience with his dry wit.

I loved it! Why? That’s easy. Many Beatles songs are fun, have easy-to-remember lyrics, and transcend generations. They’re songs that I don't hear often—unlike the Jonas Brothers’ soundtracks that I have memorized—but they’re the songs that defined my early years.

Hearing McCartney’s voice, my thoughts flew to long-lost friends, summer nights, school dances, first kisses, teenage sullenness—mine, not the one that’s looming—and the years before adulthood took hold.

It was an awesome, completely unexpected escape from reality. And, thanks to this clip of McCartney’s performance, one I can repeat. Soon.