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Do You Love Your New Mom Body?

Valerie Fischel

I don’t love mine. I’m a new mom with a 17-month-old daughter, and I worry that I’ll never feel sassy again. Sure, I’m in awe that my body grew us a healthy beautiful child who is the light of our lives. But I’ve abandoned hope of ever wearing a bikini again, or, quite frankly, feeling sexy. And when exactly am I going to buy the new wardrobe that I desperately need and vowed I’d buy after I got my old body back?

Ugh. As a full-time working mom who already has such limited time to spend with my baby, when do I exercise? How do I fit it in? Shouldn’t I also be setting a great example for my daughter?

I need help, and I bet I’m not the only one. At Babytalk, we’re developing a three-part feature to appear next spring and we’d love to hear from you. Answer a few questions below and you may see your response in print (don’t worry -- we’ll clear it with you first). I can honestly say that your feedback will help us shape our story, giving millions of moms the tools they need to love their new mom bods.

Megan Padilla is the executive editor of Babytalk.