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Teacher Orders Kindergarteners to Hit Bully


No parents want their child to be bullied, but would you ever allow your child to hit a bully to teach him a lesson? That’s what one kindergarten teacher did to a six-year-old last week in San Antonio.           

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NPR reports that after hearing from a colleague that student Aiden Neely was bullying his classmates, a second teacher reportedly took him into her classroom and told her students to hit him to show why bullying is bad. 

The facts are still in question, but according to reports, as many as 24 students may have been told to strike Neely. The police report suggests that Neely was struck by at least six children. 

Neely’s mother says he admitted to misbehaving in school but says the school never told her about his behavioral issues before the incident. She will be pressing charges against the teacher who allegedly encouraged the slapping.

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“I don’t think she should be able to be around children in any capacity,” Neely told San Antonio’s Fox 29 TV.

What do you think of this teacher’s respect-teaching method? Would you allow your child to hit a bully?