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Mom Jailed After Baby Accidentally Given Rum in Formula

A young mother in California has been arrested after her baby was given a bottle of formula mixed with alcohol instead of water.

Mom Iesha Hill, 26, of Stockton, left her 5-month-old daughter in the care of her mother, Tressie Piggee, 44, on Friday evening. Piggee told ABC News 10 that she mixed a bottle of formula for the girl in the middle of the night, using what she thought was water from an unlabeled plastic bottle. When the baby refused to take the bottle multiple times in the next several hours, Hill opened to bottle to see if something was wrong with the formula and smelled the Bacardi rum that had inadvertently been used in place of water.

When Hill brought her baby daughter to the hospital after realizing what had happened, medical staff called the police and Hill was arrested on site. She is currently in jail and faces possible charges of child abuse and endangering the health of a child. Her daughter is in stable condition but being watched closely as of Sunday evening, reports the Huffington Post.

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Do you think this mom should be held responsible for a mistake that she didn’t directly make?