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Announcing Your Pregnancy on Facebook


Woot! You’re preggers! And, if you’re like me, you might have had the itch to share your news with the world as soon as that double line started to form. Maybe you were able to keep the news to yourself for a bit. (Unlike me.) Or maybe you decided to just tell your hubs or boyfriend at first. And then maybe your best friend. And your mom needed to know, right? And then your co-worker in the next cubicle over. And the waitress who asked if you’d like anything to drink with your dinner -- and who totally needed to know that you most definitely would not be having a drink because you’re PREGNANT?! And so why not share the news on Facebook since virtually everyone knows already anyway, right?
Right. Given all that we share online about ourselves (Thanks for that update about your successful bunion surgery, Aunt Marge!), it seems only right that we would share news about something that actually matters. But do people overshare the details of pregnancy and childbirth on Facebook? Does your best friend from 2nd grade need to know that your pregnancy hemorrhoids are killing you?
Moms, if you’ve shared the news of a pregnancy on a site like Facebook or Twitter, when and how did you do it? Did you wait only until the pee dried on the stick or did you hold off until the start of your second trimester? Did you post an ultrasound photos or belly shots?