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Baby Shower Cakes Gone Horribly Wrong

Guess the circumference of the mom-to-be’s ginormous belly! Try to identify which candy bar has been melted and smeared in a diaper, made to look just like poo! …Baby showers sometimes seem like they were designed to provide inappropriate moments—and shower cakes are no exception. Fortunately, Amy Morrison, over at her Pregnant Chicken blog, has pulled together a handful of outrageously bad shower cakes from the hilarious Jen Yates’ Cake Wrecks blog to make the rest of us oh-so-thankful that our own cakes weren’t anywhere near this ridiculous. Hope you’ve been doing your Kegels, ladies! These are pee-in-your-pants funny.
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All of the shower cakes highlighted on Pregnant Chicken are worth a chuckle—from boob cakes to baby cakes—to boobs and babies combined in a single monstrosity—but this one is our fave. Who wouldn’t want to dig into a gaping abdominal wound with tiny arm sticking out? Mmmm… delish. 
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