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Best Friend Becomes Surrogate Mother

Keri Duckett -- Happy, grateful friends

It would be near impossible to get through the early months—even years—of motherhood without the help of close friends. Maybe they pass along baby clothes or good advice (or maybe they’re the only ones who know that more advice is the last thing you want), offer a spit-up-covered shoulder to cry on, or make you laugh when it seems like nothing could ever be funny again—at least until you can sleep more than two hours straight. Or maybe, they’re the kind of friend who literally offers you her self, as in the case of these two best friends, one of whom became a surrogate so the other could have a much-desired second child after a dramatic ending to a challenging first pregnancy.

When we saw birth photographer Keri Duckett’s unspeakably beautiful photos where mom, Tamara, and her best friend and surrogate, Logan, were captured with their husbands during the homebirth of baby Josephine, we knew we had to learn more about the story behind the photos. And so we did. Check out the incredible photos of baby Josie’s birth and savor the moving and inspirational story of friendship behind them. We dare you not to have tissues at the ready.