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Boy Calls Police After Being Asked to Do Chores

Marcel Mooij for Veer

Many of us have gotten at least an eye roll or a groan from the kids—or Dad—when asking for help around the house. But one boy recently gave his mom a whole lot more than attitude when she asked him to help clean their home.

According to the BBC, which picked up reports from local German papers, an 11-year-old German boy called a police emergency number to complain of “forced labor” in response to his mom’s request. The police told reporters that he complained, “I have to work all day long. I haven’t any free time.”

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Apparently, the boy had threatened to call the police before, after complaining to his mom that he shouldn’t have to do any chores during school break. When the police spoke with his mother, she explained that he had placed the call after being asked to pick up paper from the floor, saying: “He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he’s done, he calls it forced labor.”  

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Do your kids have assigned chores? What’s the craziest thing they’ve done to get out of doing them?