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Breastfeeding Flashmob Hits UK Shopping Center

Michael Brian

Nursing in public as celebration, not protest (unlike several recent nurse-ins in Forest Park, Georgia and DeKalb, Illinois)? That’s right: a breastfeeding flashmob of more than one hundred nursing mamas, their babes, and even some supportive partners surprised shoppers at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, England earlier this week when they participated in a breastfeeding flashmob to promote the start of the UK’s National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, reports the UK’s Daily Mail.
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The shopping center has recently refurbished its breastfeeding facilities for shoppers, including a new Laura Ashley-designed nursing suite. The Trafford Centre’s Director of Operations, Gordon McKinnon, was quoted as saying, “'We're a family-friendly centre, which means we're fully supportive of mums who make the decision to breastfeed. If they require a comfortable, private space in which to feed their child we have four sets of dedicated facilities including our new Laura Ashley-designed breastfeeding suite, but we consider most public spaces appropriate and our retailers are equally understanding.'”
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Um, wow. Four dedicated facilities for breastfeeding?! Retailers and management that consider most public spaces appropriate? Next time (er, the first time) I’m in Manchester, I know where I’ll be shopping.

What’s your take on breastfeeding in public? If you’re a breastfeeding mama, would you ever join a nurse-in or breastfeeding flashmob?