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Confessions of a (Semi-Reformed) Stroller Addict

Orbit Baby

When I was pregnant with my first son, Ben, four years ago, not only did I have borderline high blood pressure and a bout with pre-term labor, but I was also diagnosed with research-itis. While not found in any dictionaries, friends and family were happy to confirm the latter diagnosis and poke fun at my obsessive researching of every little detail of my pregnancy and preparation for Ben’s arrival. (I now shudder at the thought of how much time and effort I put into my purchase of a crib mattress. Hormonal, much?)

All joking aside, I was pretty much obsessed with finding the perfect everything – especially the perfect stroller. And, living in NYC, I soon came to realize that no such thing existed. It seemed to me that no one stroller could do everything I needed: collapse easily, be lightweight enough to carry (with a growing baby strapped into it) while walking down the subway station stairs, and ride smoothly enough that the uneven sidewalks of our neighborhood wouldn’t jostle Ben out of his slumber. In my quest for the unattainable, I spent hours perusing websites looking at their picks for the best strollers, hours on the phone with various baby gear stores asking for advice, hours poring over stroller swap websites, and hours more in stores, pushing around a bag of flour. Yes, readers, I took this VERY seriously. And that’s how we are now the owners of FOUR strollers for a mere TWO kids. In the interest of full disclosure, that number would have been FIVE(!) except for the fact that my husband made me sell one. (Thanks for making me seem like slightly less of a lunatic, honey!) We currently have:

  • Maclaren Quest (Lightweight, easily collapsible, good for travel & subways.)
  • BOB Revolution (Jogging stroller with a push so smooth that it almost makes me want to go jogging. Almost.)
  • Orbit stroller system (This one was my husband’s doing and ended up steering us clear of the Bugaboo I craved like a madwoman. Infant car seat, toddler car seat, bassinet, and toddler stroller seat all fit onto the collapsible base. Looks cool, is cool – and heavy and pricey.)
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double (One of the lighter double strollers, ordered following the birth of my second son, Henry, last year.)

And I’ll cop to coveting a garage-full more. But no more strollers and no more kids for the moment. So, please, share with me your stroller-related confessions. How many do you have? How many have you had over the years? Brands? Faves? Ah, stroller porn.