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Doc Popcorn

Doc Popcorn

Tins of popcorn have been flying across this country for years around the holidays—often arriving already stale (shudder)—but this year a tin of, dare I say it, deliciousness landed on my desk.

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Normally, I’m kind of meh on popcorn—I mean, chocolate generally comes before all else when it comes to my snacking preferences—but the fresh-popped popcorn from the husband-and-wife team behind Doc Popcorn was darn good. And by darn good, I mean that it vanished in a single meeting, having been devoured by co-workers eager to try it—and then going back for seconds and thirds.

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Available in flavors like sweet butter, cheesy cheddar, salt-n-pepper, hoppin’ jalapeño, and sinfully cinnamon, Doc Popcorn has, er, popped up in over 40 locations, including shopping malls, stadiums, and even on the shelves of Whole Foods stores in the Rocky Mountain region. You can also order it online: a single flavor one-gallon tin is $15; a 3.5-gallon tin is $40 and holds up to three flavors, and a six-bag sampler is just $20.

Do you normally give or receive popcorn as a holiday gift? Do you string it on Christmas trees?