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Dozens Donate Breast Milk to Cancer Survivor’s Newborn


Some new moms face bigger than average challenges when trying to breastfeed their newborns. And so was the case for Eva van Dok Pinkley, a New York-based actress and magazine researcher who was unable to breastfeed her newborn son because she had a double mastectomy last year. Fortunately, 25 other new moms came to her rescue by offering to donate their breast milk to her son, Oliver, reports the New York Daily News.

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Pinkley told the Daily News that she became pregnant after multiple miscarriages, two failed fertility attempts and learning that she had non-invasive breast cancer, followed by a double mastectomy. Despite wanting to breastfeed, she couldn’t, given her surgery. After researching milk banks, milk sharing, disease screening and milk pasteurization, and discussing the matter with doctors and lactation consultants, Pinkley sought donations through websites, email lists, friends, and other moms-to-be at her yoga studio.

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The milk donors Pinkley ultimately found are a mix of ongoing donors, one-time donors and expectant moms who have pledged milk if they have more than their babies need.

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"What they are doing, it's not easy to do," she told the newspaper. "I'm just stunned at the amount of trouble that they are going through for me. I think of them and what they have done and give thanks."

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Moms, if you couldn’t breastfeed, would you seek donor milk for your baby instead of using formula? Would you donate milk to babies in your community if you had extra?

It's World Breastfeeding Week through August 7. Stay tuned for a daily post on breastfeeding!