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Free (Awesome) Kids' Music: Lunch Money's Latest Album

Brandon Reese

Dance parties with my kids are some of my favorite moments as a mom. From my sons’ mishearing and mispronunciation of song lyrics to their super silly dance moves, I can’t stop laughing when we’ve got some music on. And while my sons love plenty of stuff they hear on the radio in the car, we were recently introduced to a new fave band, Lunch Money.

Billed as “indie music for the whole family,” Lunch Money’s third and latest album, Original Friend, is on the Grammy nominating ballot (and deservedly so, for best Children’s Album), and to celebrate, they’re offering a free download of the entire album. Yep, the whole thing is available free to you and your kids. We can’t think of a better incentive than that to check out the band. 

Lunch Money band photo

Not only are the songs about stuff at the core of childhood (titles on Original Friend include “Picking Teams,” “I Want to Push Buttons,” “Snow Globe,” and “Come Over to My Dollhouse”), but the music is seriously catchy, and singer/guitarist Molly Ledford’s voice and lyrics just plain rock.

Megan Padilla, the executive editor of Babytalk, who gets credit for introducing my fam to this awesome album, said, “Honestly, I’m so hooked that I actually will listen to this CD even when there is no kid around. And the artwork and liner notes that go with the CD are soooo smart and clever.”

What’s your favorite music to listen to as a family?


*Photo by J.P. Stephens