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GroVia Training Pants


I’ve written before about how I was surprised to find that I loved cloth diapers. Loved them so much, in fact, that when it became apparent that we should start potty training my younger son, I was actually sad that I would be saying goodbye to my colorful diaper collection. (Really, folks, we had a whole rainbow going on.)  

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Anyway, I was delighted to discover that several cloth diaper companies have also ventured into training pants. One of the latest to do so is GroVia, which recently debuted its My Choice Trainer. We gave a pair some test runs on my 2-year-old, Henry, who needed an interim step between diapers and underwear.

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Available in cloud (dark gray) or vanilla, the training pants come with interchangeable, stretchy side panels (available in six bright colors) that help the trainers fit sizes 1T-3T or 3T-5T. I really appreciated being able to unsnap the trainers at the side instead of having to pull them down his legs when the inevitable accidents occurred. The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer allows kids to feel when they’re wet—obviously important during potty training. There’s also a pocket on the inside that can be stuffed for additional absorbency for naps or nighttime use.

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GroVia My Choice Trainers are available at Jillian’s Drawers (home of a seriously awesome $10 cloth diaper trial program) and other online retailers for $18.99. Additional side panels available for $3.95/pair.

Did you use cloth diapers or cloth training pants for your kids?