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Halloween Costumes for Only $5


As much as we love Halloween, we hate paying big bucks for a costume that might be worn just once. Sure, if you’re crafty, you can whip up one of these 75 awesome homemade costumes. But if you’re not, we’re wild for a new service from thredUP that allows members to get a Halloween costume for a measly $5.

ThredUP, an online clothing swap service that we first wrote about this spring, allows you to pick up new-to-you kids’ clothes for just $5 plus the cost of shipping (usually $10.70 for a flat-rate box). Year-round, you can pick a box of gently used clothes for your child, narrowing down the field by criteria like age, gender, tops/bottoms, season, etc. Although you can’t see photos of the items in a box (unless users post photos on thredUP’s Facebook page), users include info on the brands, number of items, color of items, etc.

For Halloween boxes, users may also include additional clothes. Again, no photos of the costumes, but users will specify deets like “Plush, black and yellow bumble bee costume. Great for a boy or girl. We received tons of compliments last year!” Still skeptical? The thredUP golden rule is “Send only what you’d be willing to receive,” meaning clean, undamaged, still stylish, etc. Users are rated for their boxes, and those who send unacceptable items get banned from thredUP following a single warning. The company does random quality assurance checks, so for a mere $5 plus shipping, we’re happy to play these odds.