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High Heels and Pregnancy: a Dangerous Combination?

Did you rock heels when you were pregnant – or did you retire them until after you gave birth? There’s been a spate of high-profile pregnant celeb tumbles in recent months, making us wonder if heels belong on the don’ts list for pregnancy, along with sushi and hot tubs. Most recently, the rumored-to-be (but not confirmed) pregnant Mariah Carey took a tumble while performing in Singapore.

And in August, when UK singer and mom-to-be Lily Allen headlined the Big Chill music festival in Herefordshire, England, she performed in Converse low-tops, rather than her usual heels. She explained to the crowd that her boyfriend, Sam Cooper, had removed the heels from her suitcase, following a fall earlier this summer that resulted in whiplash.

The month prior singer and mom-to-be Alicia Keys also fell while performing in heels at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

Fortunately, none of the three singers (or their babies) were hurt, and Carey and Keys were both able to continue performing – the show must go on! But, given how a pregnant woman’s center of gravity changes, and all of the regular aches and pains that often come with pregnancy, we have to wonder if these moms-to-be and others should heed the recent warning from the British Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, instructing pregnant women to avoid regular use of high heels as well as ballet flats, flip flops, and Uggs because of lack of support for their feet. Instead, the group recommends supportive, wide-fitting shoes to help minimize pain and discomfort and avoid long-term damage. Sexy? No. Smart? Yes.

Moms, what kind of shoes did you wear while pregnant?