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Holiday Charity for Families


Even the most thoughtful and generous of kids may occasionally become afflicted with a case of the gimme’s during the holidays.

If your family isn’t already giving back this holiday season, here’s a sampling of charity options you can do with kids to give them a taste of that old giving-is-better-than-receiving lesson:

  • Heifer International: Animal lovers will jump at the chance to give families in need an animal that will help them to become more self-reliant, like a flock of chicks or ducks ($20), a goat ($120), or a cow ($500).
  • Project C.U.R.E.: Kids will be impressed by how easy it can be to give back when they collect basic home healthcare and hygiene supplies like cortisone cream, antibacterial soap, ibuprofen, and sunscreen to send to kids in need in the developing world.
  • Project Night Night: Kids can offer their homeless peers some nighttime comforts like a new security blanket, age-appropriate book, and stuffed animal, delivered during a stay at shelters throughout the U.S. Families can donate funds or the items themselves.
  • Kiva: Help teach kids important lessons about money and banking through making a micro-loan (as little as $25) to a screened “micro-preneur” in one of over 200 countries around the globe. Kids can help choose a project they want to finance, and when the loan has been repaid, decide to fund another micro-loan, donate the money to Kiva (to cover operational expenses) or withdraw it via Paypal.