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Hospital Bans Elective C-Sections and Labor Inductions


Want to induce labor to be sure to have your fave doc on-duty or because you’re just plain tired of being pregnant? Or want to schedule an elective cesarean section to make sure your hubby isn’t away on business for the birth? If so, and you’re a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, starting July 18th you’ll have to look to deliver elsewhere than Banner Hospitals, which is banning both procedures in cases where the health of the mom or baby is not at risk, reports ABC15.  

"We just had to draw that line in the sand and say, because of the data, that we've become convinced we know it's healthier for the baby and we know the mother wants what's best for the baby," Dr. Ken Welch with Banner Estrella Medical Center told ABC15.

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Indeed, several recent studies, including one by the March of Dimes, have shown that babies ejected from the womb early spend more time in hospitals and have a higher chance of developmental issues. The March of Dimes recently recommended that no non-medical inductions be done prior to 39 weeks gestation.

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"The brain is much larger at 39 weeks than it is even at 36 weeks, the lungs, the gastric system, all of those things are maturing right before a baby would be due to be born," said Dr. Welch, highlighting the importance of allowing a baby to continue to grow in utero.

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What’s your take on this new rule? Did you choose to be induced or schedule a c-section prior to 39 weeks?