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Instant Pregnancy Experience for Dads-to-Be

The weight gain, the fatigue, the sudden sharp kicks to your bladder… Ever wish that your partner could really, truly get a glimpse into what it’s like to be pregnant? While some childbirth education classes might include a “pregnancy suit” for men, to help simulate the weight gain and belly protrusion, Dutch company Nutricia, a unit of international food company Danone and maker of medical nutrition products (including infant formula for babies with a severe cow’s milk allergy), has gone a step further in promotional efforts for their new Baby Connection iPhone pregnancy app for couples (currently only available in Dutch and French).
Plus: The Day Dad Was Pregnant

To promote the app to expectant dads in Belgium, Nutricia offered men in shopping malls and baby stores the chance at an “instant pregnancy experience,” via a pregnancy empathy suit, including a water pump for instant weight gain, air compressors for restricted movement, random kick function and remote controlled heating “for added discomfort.” Remembering back to the days of late pregnancy when I gave up shoes that required tying once I could no longer reach around my belly to my feet, I giggled when watching the dads try to get up from a prone position and one father’s attempt at sweeping up with a dust pan and brush. Not easy is it, buddy?
Plus: Dad’s Pregnancy Symptoms 

Does your guy need to try this out? What pregnancy symptoms do you wish your partner could experience?