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Kourtney Kardashian Weans After Extended Breastfeeding

Matthew Hranek

All good things must eventually come to an end. And so is the case with Kourtney Kardashian’s experience breastfeeding her son Mason. Kourtney recently blogged about Mason deciding to wean at 14 months.
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In her post, she shares the uncertainty she felt about breastfeeding while she was pregnant—that she would give it a shot, but wouldn’t beat herself up if it didn’t work out. She found that, despite some pain in the beginning, she and Mason both loved it—and she set a goal of nursing for six months. And then a year. And beyond. She admits that she started to get a lot of questions from others about when she would “stop nursing already?!”
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Once they had weaned during the daytime at 13 months, Kourtney writes that she tried to wean at night, but stopped because it didn’t feel natural, and didn’t make either her or Mason happy. He ultimately stopped nursing on his own shortly thereafter. She concludes, “I seriously could cry just thinking about it being over. I love what a beautiful experience I had with my son and just wanted to share it.”
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Not only is it awesome that such a high-profile celebrity committed to nursing her child for more than a year, but that she’s so open about it. (She also spoke up about her commitment to exclusive nursing on her reality show.) Kudos to Kourtney for being a vocal advocate for nursing!
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How long did you nurse? Were you surprised to like it as much as you did?