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On Sleeping (or Not) When Your Baby Sleeps

When my first son was born, I remember several well-meaning folks telling me to “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Well, if I wasn’t trying to pump to try to boost my milk supply, listen intently for his snuffling to make sure he was still breathing or—dare I say it—shower, sure, sleep would have been a worthwhile endeavor during my son’s naps. But, while I, like many new moms, struggled to squeeze in mundane chores or get used to the rhythms of life with a baby, Finnish mom Adele Enersen used her baby’s naps to get her creative juices flowing.

We’ve been fans of the mom behind the popular blog Mila’s Daydreams for some time now and were excited to check out her new book When My Baby Dreams, a lovely collection of whimsical images of daughter Mila’s imagined dreamscapes. 

I’d be jealous if I wasn’t so busy being in awe.

Check out (soon-to-be mom-of-two) Enersen this morning on the TODAY Show for more on her inspiration and how she creates such gorgeous photos from what’s lying around her Helsinki apartment:

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Now tell the truth: Do you actually sleep when your baby sleeps?