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Mom Secrets: Sex vs. Sleep

We were back on the TODAY Show this morning, with our editorial director, Rachel Fishman Feddersen, dishing about our exclusive survey with TODAY Moms on, which asked more than 25,000 moms to anonymously spill their secrets. In addition to revealing their strategies for getting some much-needed alone time, moms also ‘fessed up to choosing sleep over sex.
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That’s right: once the kids are asleep, almost 53% of moms admitted they’d pick a good night of sleep over mind-blowing sex any day. No judgment here—we’re exhausted, too! But we’d love for dads to understand that it’s not that we’re no longer interested in sex—it’s just that staying up for some nookie would be a whole lot more appealing if we knew we’d get to sleep in the next morning. In other words, dads, offer to get up with the kids tomorrow (or in the middle of the night when one has lost his lovey and the other needs a drink of water… and then a trip to the bathroom a half-hour later) and we’ll keep our granny pj’s in the drawer tonight.
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Do you feel like your sex life has suffered thanks to becoming a parent?