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Nearly 2 Million Summer Infant Video Baby Monitors Recalled

Summer Infant

About 1.7 million Summer Infant video baby monitors are being voluntarily recalled for better labeling and safety instructions by Summer Infant Inc. in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) after two strangulation deaths with the monitors’ electrical cords. The cords can present a strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers if placed too close to a crib. Because of this risk, these and other corded cameras and monitors should never be placed within three feet of a crib.

Consumers are not being offered a refund; instead Summer Infant is providing new on-product labels for electrical cords and instructions to owners of the recalled video monitors distributed between January 2003 and February 2011. More than 40 different models are included in the recall, including handheld, digital, and color video monitors, at major retailers, mass merchandisers, and juvenile product stores across the U.S. for between $60 and $300. All video monitors include both the camera (placed in the baby’s room) and the handheld device(s) that enable the caregiver to see and/or hear the baby from a distance. The brand “Summer” is found on the product.

In March 2010, a 10-month old girl from Washington, D.C. strangled in her crib in the electrical cords of a Summer Infant video monitor when the camera had been placed on top of the crib rail. In November of last year, the CPSC was made aware of the strangulation death of a six-month old boy from Conway, S.C., who strangled in the electrical cord of a baby monitor placed on the changing table attached to his crib. In January of this year, the CPSC learned that the product involved was also a Summer Infant video baby monitor. There was also an additional near-strangulation incident in which a 20-month old boy from Pittsburgh, Pa. was found in his crib with the camera cord wrapped around his neck. Although the monitor camera had been mounted on the wall, he was still able to reach the cord. Ultimately, he was freed from the cord without serious injury.

Next steps: Parents should immediately check the location of video monitors, including wall-mounted cameras, and all electrical cords to confirm that they are out of their child’s reach. Consumers should contact Summer Infant at 800-426-8627 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the Summer Infant website to receive a new permanent electrical cord warning label regarding the strangulation risk and revised instructions on the safe mounting of cameras and how to keep cords out of kids’ reach. You can also download a PDF of the updated safety instructions here.

This recall follows an October 2010 CPSC safety alert about the strangulation dangers of baby monitor cords.