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Nestle Launches High-Tech Baby Formula Machine

Do you love how you can just whip up a latte in your Nespresso machine? Now you’ll be able to make up a bottle just as quickly thanks to Nestle’s launch yesterday of the BabyNes system, a high-tech infant formula machine.
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Now gadget-loving parents of formula-fed babies can skip the drudgery of scooping formula from a can into a bottle, mixing with water, and shaking—the BabyNes system offers single-serve capsules of formula (which each contain a filter to eliminate any bacteria from the water) for infants and toddlers up to age 3. To use, parents fill the reservoir with water and pop in an age-appropriate capsule (there are four formulas for the first year, and one for each of the following years). The BabyNes then recognizes how much water is needed for that particular formula and what temperature it should be, and then with a push of a button, prepares a bottle in less than a minute.
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For now, the BabyNes system is only sold in Switzerland for 249 Swiss francs ($284) with capsules ranging from 49 to 55 Swiss francs for a pack of 26, which makes this about twice as expensive as regular infant formula available in the Swiss marketplace. Nestle said that it will roll out the machine and its capsules globally depending on their popularity, according to Reuters.
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With the cost of formula as high as it is already, would you invest in the BabyNes system if your baby was formula-fed?