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New Diaper Commercial Makes Us Weepy

None of us here at the Parenting offices are giving birth this week (although we are waiting with bated breath for the arrival of our Project Pregnancy blogger, Lexi’s, baby), but we’re still feeling plenty sentimental over some other babies’ arrivals, courtesy of a new Pampers commercial.

The commercial is about how every baby is a “little miracle to celebrate, support, and protect,” and the transcript reads, “Whether he’s planned… or not. Whether she’s 3 months early… or 10 years late. Whether he has a young mom… or a surrogate. Whether she’s through IVF… or adoption. Whether she has special needs… or a lot of needs…” (Please excuse me while I get some more tissues!) It’s kind of ironic that I am so fond of this commercial from the makers of disposable diapers when I just wrote about how I recently switched to cloth diapers, but I love how it’s chock full of super-cute babes and it’s pretty inclusive, showing a pregnant bride, babies born thanks to reproductive medicine, teen moms, a baby with Down Syndrome, babies born in the hospital, and even one that looks like a homebirth.
Plus: Is Homebirth for You?

And speaking of homebirths, just last night a blogger, Gina Crosley-Corcoran, a.k.a. The Feminist Breeder (a former rocker chick turned mom and law student), live-blogged her first homebirth. No, she wasn’t updating her site as she breathed through contractions, but she had a photographer/videographer/doula-in-training who did all of that for her, in addition to approving readers’ supportive comments along the way. This was her third birth, the first of which was a c-section, the second of which was an in-hospital VBAC. I logged in this morning just shortly before her daughter was born, and it was incredibly moving and inspiring. Go, Gina! If you’re curious about homebirth, you can see the full archive of the updates and comments from readers around the globe through the wee hours of the night, as well as photos and video (so consider yourself forewarned if you’re planning to check it out while at work.)