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New Trend: Breastfeeding Photography

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, I splurged on a special treat shortly before his birth: I hired a local photographer to shoot a few maternity photos to document that my stint as the Incredible Expanding Pregnant Woman. Now, while maternity photography remains popular, professional breastfeeding photography is on the rise, according to Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

Of course, there have been artistic portrayals of breastfeeding for centuries, but given how politicized breastfeeding has become in our country these days, documenting it seems to have become a bit of a political statement as well as a personal one (remember the kerfuffle over Miranda Kerr’s lovely breastfeeding shot?). One of the photographers quoted in the Globe and Mail article, Sara McConnell, says she became an accidental breastfeeding advocate as a result of her business; she has a beautiful gallery of nursing photos on her website that’s worth checking out. For moms for whom breastfeeding proved to be challenging initially, I can imagine that a beautiful photograph of baby at her breast might feel like vindication—and encouragement to continue. And for others still, it’s just capturing one of the many magical but mundane and (sadly) fleeting moments of motherhood.

Comments on the Globe and Mail article range, not surprisingly, from supportive to disgusted, with many focusing on the fact that some women choose to share breastfeeding photos online.
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Would you ever take breastfeeding photos, professional or otherwise?